Hello, Love, Goodbye: Medyo Review and Reflections

Because of its very effective social media teaser, and the anticipation of people from the Twitterverse, I had this great interest in Alden Richard’s and Kathryn Bernardo’s new flick Hello Love, Goodbye. I even created ‘sorta’ meme from the movie as soon as the trailer dropped. So, ayun.

The cinema was full-packed, mostly from people who have just received their salaries like me, lol (well played, Star Cinema, well played). Lanie and I arrived at the ticket seller just a few minutes before the 6:30pm airing with only a few seats available, at the very front - and since we still have to work the following day, we proceeded. We entered the cinema just in the nick of time.

I will try to make this non-spoilery (if there’s such a word), but if you don’t want any hint about the movie, you may return to this post after you have watched it. Consider yourself warned.

In a Nutshell

I love the simplicity of the plot. Joy (played by Kathryn) is a hardworking breadwinner in Hongkong who does everything she can to support her family in the Philippines. A very typical OFW trying to make both ends meet, whatever it takes. Ethan (Alden), is a bartender in Hongkong, who is just playing around girls and considers himself worthless, until he met and fell in love with Joy. They have different priorities in life and though they can easily give up their “time-bound” romance, they managed to make it work even for just a few months.

Subplots include issues on family, getting over past relationship, and pursuing one’s dream. Though the story revolves around the two main characters alone, the supporting cast also were vital in making these very heavy themes relatable to the viewers. To be honest, I cried – not just because of the story, but because of the comic relief sprinkled throughout the screen time. Joross Gamboa, Jeff Tam, Kakai Bautista, Lovely Abella and Maymay Entrata are such great ensemble to make the movie such a delight. Numerous times the movie house roared in kilig and laughter because of the chemistry of the main players and the witticisms of the supporting casts. Perhaps Joross Gamboa rivals Janus del Prado in the Pambansang Best Friend title.

So Hello, Love!

Since this is not just a movie review, I would like to give some reflections based on the movie, Hearts and Halo way. If you are looking for a medium to give yourself a breather from a very tiring work week, why not watch Hello Love, Goodbye? This tandem from rival networks is a major hit nobody expected to be. But aside from its main point which is to engage its audience in a romantic zest, it also gave me a few life lessons:
  1. Breadwinners are not robots. They sacrifice a lot for their families to the point that their health is sometimes compromised and their personal dreams set aside. In the case of OFWs, they are always longing for the time when their family will be together and money is no longer an issue. Family is, and will always be a priority, and no one can deny that. And families are stronger when there are mutual support and cooperation. Keeping the family together is not just a duty of whoever brings food on the table.

  2. Lanie pointed out that the movie did not have a lot of scenes from some of the famous landmarks of Hongkong. They were mostly shot from Central and some parks where most of the Filipinos are (don’t know the place, I haven’t been there yet haha!). I think there’s not even a sight of Disneyland. I believe this is intentional because, for most OFWs, leisure is of least importance. Not that they don’t want to but they’d rather spend their free time communing with their kababayans than spend it in luxury. Also, they’d rather spend it doing side gigs, though illegal, whatever it takes, for their own families. So if you know someone who works abroad, appreciate their efforts. We have no idea how tough their battles are.
  3. Those in a relationship must support each other in whatever dreams they have. They must help each other to become better versions of themselves. A relationship must be a safe place for mutual edification and encouragement, not imprisonment. Your dreams are planted inside of you by God, and it must not be robbed not even by your partner. Marriage is not an end in itself – it is part of our journey to discover what God has individually given us. If being in a relationship causes you to let go of your calling to be the kind of person God has called you to be, then maybe it’s time to evaluate your relationship. Proverbs 10:22 says, “the blessing of the LORD enriches, and He adds no sorrow to it.” A relationship must be enriching, not depressing. 
  4. When Ethan said, “ganun naman talaga kapag nagmahal (when you fall in love), it’s all or nothing. If you hold back, then why love at all?” It hit me hard. I remember how my Christian Home teacher told us that, as future husbands of our own family, “you don’t know what true love is until you’re willing to sacrifice your life for your wife”. As Jesus laid down his life for the church, so as husbands (and future husbands), we must be willing to sacrifice everything to our wife. It is all or nothing. Don’t hold back. To love is to sacrifice. It is not about getting but receiving. 
  5. The movie house roared when Ethan confirmed his relationship with Joy, pulling her towards him, saying “ang boyfriend nayayakap, ang trabaho hindi (you get to embrace your boyfriend but not your job)”. It was a very fun moment but it really made an impact. Learn to appreciate the presence of those around you. Breadwinners and all those who work hard to make a living – our life does not revolve around our office tables. We have people around us who also want a share of our time. From time to time, break free from the confines of your 8-5 job, and spend meaningful time with your loved ones. 
  6. Learn to trust your family members. Learn to trust those you love. If they fail in the past, it doesn’t mean they are a constant failure. Don’t paint pictures in their life that they are worthless just because of a stupid mistake they made before. People grow. Sometimes, it takes them years to learn their lesson. Sometimes, they need a “stranger” to teach them their lessons, but it doesn’t matter. As their family members, as their loved ones, we must be the first to believe in their abilities. Instead of dragging them down, let us lift them up. Their success in life reflects our love towards them. We are, in the first place, a family, bound by love. 
  7. Believe in the power of your dreams. God has placed that dream in your heart to inspire you and keep you going. Don’t allow your current situation, no matter how hard to keep you and imprison you from what-ifs and should-haves. Master your emotions and let God guide you through it. Joy has dreams for herself and for her family, and no matter how hard her situation is, she pushed through. Don’t allow momentary distractions rob you of a lifetime of self-fulfillment. God is with you, journey with Him as well. As 2 Chronicles 16:9a puts it,
For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 
Watch out for the highlights (the one shown in the trailer, and more!) of the movie and see for yourself why Kathryn is really a “monster” in her acting role. Alden too, showed what he is capable of. Their chemistry emanates and I tell you, there is not even a single time I found any scene dragging. Some important moments you should not miss out: stuck-room scene and Joy’s side hustles while being accompanied by Ethan.

How did you find the movie? Share your thoughts!
Stills screenshot from Youtube trailers for the movie

Hello, Love, Goodbye: Medyo Review and Reflections Hello, Love, Goodbye: Medyo Review and Reflections Reviewed by Marts Valenzuela on August 02, 2019 Rating: 5

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