How My Song Became Part of a Soundtrack

I’m not kidding when I say that my song is included on a soundtrack.

I’m no singer and how I wish I can sing well. If only my vocal prowess is that of Brian McKnight’s or one of the voices of Boyz II Men, I will not hesitate joining our worship leading team. I will also make sure I’ll be part of every musical production I know. Moreover, I will give voice to every poem that I write. Perhaps when God poured out heavenly voice towards His people, I was still sleeping (of which I’m very skilled). Since then, the only time I sing (or should I say squeak) in public is when I teach Sunday school kids. At least with them as my audience, my voice receives appreciation.

But again I’m not kidding when I say that my song is included on a soundtrack. My song – the song of the redeemed.

God must love music so much. Surrounded by angelic hosts singing His praises and glory all eternity long, no wonder God is pleased with music. But I believe God’s love for music crosses through songs and audible voice. He listens as we pour out our heart to Him. It is music to His ears. And there is no greater privilege than having God listen to a music that comes from a grateful and believing heart.

Before I became a Christian, my life is defined by fear of the unknown. The Bible says that “out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks”. I worry a lot. No blessing gets counted, only what is lacking. But when I came to know Christ, a paradigm shift took place. I’m not saying that everything’s perfect now that I became a Christian but my point is, something significant happened – that is my redemption. Jesus has redeemed me from the worries of this life, from the insecurities this world offer, and from the crippling fear of the unknown. His redemptive act cost Him His life only to prove how much valuable I am to Him even though I cannot reach the highest note of “On Bended Knees”. He redeemed me for who He is and not on what I can or cannot do, otherwise I’ll never get saved. It is all by His grace. The only thing He asks me is to believe on what He did on the cross for my sins and to put my faith in Him for my everyday concerns.

Jesus is now my savior and friend. He has filled my heart with hope that whatever happens, He loves me and will carry me through. He has filled my heart with joy even when trials arise for His assurance of salvation is always available. He is present in every circumstance I’m in. He fills my heart with His unfailing love. And out of the overflow of my heart, “I sing”. It may not sound like McKnight’s, but with gratitude I’m singing “my song” the best way I can – with my life. Many a times I fail as I sing this “song of the redeemed”, but God is very patient as an audience. He knows that I can never score 100 in His divine videoke (sad to say, even in an earthly videoke) but He still promises to listen. He says:

“Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:12-13
Even angels, with their heavenly voice, can’t beat me as I sing “my song”, for only those who have experienced Jesus’ redemption, only those who have passed from darkness to light can sing this song from the heart. This song can be your song too! Accept Him now as your Lord and Savior and let Him include your “life-song” on His heavenly soundtrack.
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