Why is Life so Unfair?

It was a fine morning. I woke up early full of expectations that the day will be full of surprises. I went to school earlier than the usual. I did my assignment all by myself. For personal reasons, I deliberately entered the classroom late. everything was fine, until...

I entered the classroom and I saw some of my classmates checking their respective assignments (which was supposed to be done by their seatmates). But that's not all! One of my classmates borrowed my treasured work and copied it, in a hurry, so as not to be noticed by our professor (Sigh! If she only knew how I value my work, but I guess she's already insensitive to that, having done that for how many years I think). Adding to my frustration, while our professor is discussing the correct answers, some of my classmates are still doing their supposed homework and takes no heed of the authority in front of them.

Life is so unfair, isn't it? These unfair incidences in life makes me realize how the world has gone corrupt these days, and how far people have strayed away from God. However, as I've checked the Scriptures regarding life's unfairness, here are the points God showed me:

God's plan for life was marred by sin. 

Sin, the most detestable thing to God, spoiled everything in God's wonderful plan. Supposedly, we are entitled to a life of abundance and consistent fellowship with the Creator, but sin ruined everything. Imagine the kind of life we'll enjoy if all our needs are met because our Creator is just beside us (literally). But we can't blame them (Adam and Eve of course) for we ourselves are also sinners, and our sins are increments to the scars of God's wonderful plan for our lives.

We are not of this world. 

Paul told about it, as well as the author of the book of Hebrews. Life here on earth is just temporary, and is fleeting. We are not really for ephemeral realm, but rather for an eternal dwelling place. Life here on earth is just a preparation on where we'll spend our eternity. God allows frustrating things to happen to test us on how dependent are we to the One who has the power to save us from eternal damnation. Life here on earth is nothing as compared to the eternal life God has prepared for us.

Troubles may be too little or too big to handle, but rest assured, Jesus had overcame them, and we too will overcome!

Jesus Himself told about troubles and frustrations in this world. 

"In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world!" This is one of the most assuring verses in the Bible. It says that Jesus has acknowledged the life would not be complete if troubles will not take its place. These troubles may be too little or too big to handle, but rest assured, Jesus overcame them, and we too will overcome!

Sometimes (or most of the time) we deliberately disobey God, thus making our lives miserable. 

Disobedience (and partial obedience) deserves punishment. God is just, and He will do whatever He has said. As His special creation, we are to reflect His holiness. "Be holy for I am holy", says the Lord. And if we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God — Hebrews 10:26-27

The whole world is under the control of the evil one. This is the truth that is really hard to accept. 

John has said it in 1 John 5:19. If Satan is already the one taking hold of the whole world, what should we expect? Shall we expect fairness? Shall we expect happiness? Shall we expect justice? Definitely no. So we should be doubly careful, for the end of all things is near. Let us be clear-minded and be more serious in our prayers — 1 Peter 4:7

However, Jesus left us with hope. He is our refuge and our strength. Whenever unfair situations in life bring us down, Jesus will lift us up. Above all, He promised us that when He returns, all the miseries and frustrations we have due to unfairness of life will soon come to an end.

First Published: March 17, 2008
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