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Yes, you can enjoy your Tagum experience even on a packed schedule

I have discovered late that Tagum City, Davao del Norte is packed with itineraries to satisfy the adventurer in you. Thanks to these interesting articles from Tisoy Traveler, The Travel Teller and Bea from Trip101, I realized I missed a lot from my brief stay in Tagum (as if I really have the luxury of time to leisurely visit all of these spots, since I am a Convention delegate, but nevertheless, these places are something I look forward to visit someday!).

Yet even with a busy schedule, I found out that in the heart of the city, Tagum offers a lot of sites and sights to enjoy for you and your loved ones. Here are some of my personal picks.

1. Visit the New City Hall of Tagum

Tagum's New City Hall is grandiose. More than a city hall, the façade looks like an arena. It has expanse on the front for large public gatherings, with spacious parking on the sides. The fountain and the sculptures depicting the rich culture of the city is also eye candy. Our convention's night sessions were held at the City Hall's atrium so you can imagine how magnificent their City Hall is, housing more than 3000 delegates.

2. Tour the city in "habal" or in their cool tricycle

I love how their six-seater tricycles swarm the city. According to the drivers, they don’t have "TODAs" in Tagum, they just roam around the city in service for the passengers. I also like how their fare matrix is conspicuously placed, and their drivers are honest enough not to overcharge tourists.

Alternatively, you can also try the "habal". You can go anywhere in the city back riding a motorcycle, especially when you're in a hurry. I am not into motorcycles but I tried it for the sake of fun, and you should, too, when you visit Tagum.

3. Fill your tummy in their Pick and Grill

The Tagumeños love for food is very evident as you'll never miss the sight of their numerous pick and grills. For just a few pesos, you can try their grilled native chicken, gizzard, barbeque, squid, and other grilled delicacies. In the corner of Osmeña and Quezon streets, there is this also a street restaurant that offers Seafood "Sinigang" and "Tinola". Oh, how I love their wide variety of food!

4. Relax in their massage and spa boutiques

Another thing you will not miss in the city is their numerous spa and massage shops. Their massage shops offer different prices in different time brackets such as Php100 from 8am-10am, Php150 from 10am-12nn, Php200 from 12nn-3pm, Php250 from 3pm onwards. There are also ambulant masseuses in front of the City Hall! What a way to end a tiring day.

5. Shop and save in their night market.

If you still have time and energy, you can take a trip in their night market and shop for affordable shoes, bags or pre-loved clothes. Their night market is not that crowded so you will definitely enjoy your trip from stall to stall.

There you have it! These are just some of the simple things to enjoy as you visit Tagum City even with a packed schedule. Not bad, right? #Tagum #Tagumpay

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