What is the most romantic thing to do with your lips?

So what is the most romantic thing to do with your lips (or should I say, mouth)?

Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not about locking your lips together.

Relationship is not just about having chemistry together, being sweet with each other, all while trying to imitate or top off those seen in romantic movies. It spices up relationship, yes, but it’s not just about sweetness. Because obviously, disagreements are inevitable. Not every day is a happy day.

So what is the most loving thing to do with your lips?

It is knowing when to speak and when not to. It is learning how to control your tongue especially when there is a need to do so.

Communication is vital in making things work between couples. They have to reach a point of understanding so they convey their real intentions and feelings. But this doesn’t mean that you can always blurt out what you want to say. You are free to speak your heart out do this with gentleness and respect. Keep in mind that relationship is not just about you, but about both of you.

Controlling one’s tongue is both challenging and satisfying. Challenging, because by nature, we want to get things our way. We want to win arguments. We want to show how much we know. We can persuade people to side with us or we can shoo people away when we don’t want them any closer to us. So controlling your tongue is challenging.

Controlling yourself is satisfying in a way that you spare yourself from future troubles caused by excessive talking. Satisfying, because you learn the value of listening more than just hearing. Lastly, you begin to see how people appreciate those who keep their mouth shut when necessary over those who keep on blabbing.

Use your mouth to express your feelings, to speak your heart out. But more than just expressing yourself, consider others as well. Sometimes it’s not the message that hurts, it’s the manner of saying it. So choose your words wisely. Tone down your voice. Love with your actions, but more so, love with your words.

What is the most romantic thing to do with your lips? What is the most romantic thing to do with your lips? Reviewed by Marts Valenzuela on June 25, 2018 Rating: 5
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