Catch the Little Foxes

When relationships run smoothly, we tend to think that everything between the couple also runs fine and stable. Most of the time we equate strong relationships when arguments are absent, there are no conflicting interests and everything else is pure bliss. Yet the strongest relationships, the most inspiring, are those that has withstood the test of time and has faced a lot of challenges.

But fierce disagreements are not the only threat to relationships. Sometimes it is the little foxes that ruins relationships most. The effects may be gradual, almost unnoticed, but eventually it causes the biggest heartache. If left unchecked and neglected, these little foxes creeps and seeps every vital elements of a relationship.

What are these little foxes of relationships? I jot down a few.

When time spent together lessens. Time is an important element in a relationship. Spending time with your partner is basically giving away something that can never be taken back. When time spent together is lessened, it eventually leads to a cold relationship, sans emotions, sans life.

Sweet gestures dwindle, then to none at all. Relationships practically starts with periods of sweetness and appreciation. Admit it, sweet gestures season relationships. But when it becomes apparent that such gestures begin to diminish, so will the connection.  

No more meaningful, tiny conversations. Conversations connect a couples’ world together <Tweet This!>. Having daily conversation with your partner is like putting water in a tank or simply, watering a healthy plant. Take conversation away for a little while, the relationship will most likely survive. But surely when there is drought in communication, the relationship will run empty and eventually die.

Taking each other for granted. Neglecting the needs of your partner prepares a fertile ground for bitterness and hate. Left unchecked, one may opt to look for attention from other people, and will give them assurance that she will never be taken for granted. Soon, you will end up not a priority but an option.

Catch these little foxes!
These foxes leave tiny cracks and dents in relationship. At first, the effects are unnoticeable. Everything seems to run smoothly, without any problem. But later on, the effects become evident and worse, irreversible. Less quality time and conversations will end up in never-ending blame game and fault-finding. Sweet gestures will soon become bitter arguments.

So catch the little foxes while manageable. Chase them while they are still ‘little’ <Tweet This!>. For sure, it will be harder to chase monstrous foxes.
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