What's So Amazing About Love?

I believe that for most of Filipino youth, what ranks as the most talked-about topic is about love. I once had an opportunity to lead a group of three Compassion teens, all of them are boys, and I was surprised to hear that they are interested to talk about love life. No longer does love and kilig seem to be a girl's concern — it is everybody's topic.

What's so amazing about love? 

I can still recall the very first time I felt that sudden gush of inexpressible emotion whenever that certain girl, my childhood crush (now a nurse) passes by. I even record every detail of our encounter at the back of my notebook. My dreams were all about her, and everyday of my school life then was filled with inspirations to write my heart out for the world to know how do I feel for her. My first love brought colors in my young mind. It made me think of fantasy existing beyond the confines of painful realities.

My first heartbreak made me think of redefining my biased concept of love. Not everything you wished for in this world will happen the way you expect them to be. Even though you understand each other mutually, things would not be easy always. Heartbreak is the very opposite of being in love, and when you're in emotional pain, no matter of encouragement seem to avail. A broken heart blinds the eyes and makes a person numb to anything but pain.


We are all in a journey of pursuing love. While some were given the gift of singleness, most of us still dream of finding the love of our life, and after finding him/her, to keep him/her forever. Contented, happy couples serves as an inspiration for those who pursue love, while failed relationships serves as warning.

I had a conversation with a friend about her new suitor. I can feel her enthusiasm towards the guy and am excited to see how things will happen in the near future. Her enthusiasm speaks that she has found the love of her life.

Another friend of mine shares his willingness to go places, literally, just to settle the score with her girlfriend. I admire the sacrifices he's willing to take for the sake of the love he has found. He won't let situations, even distance, to interfere.


What's so amazing about love? I can say its ability to make a the proud humble, and the timid bold. Perfect love can bridge the distance between countries, economic statuses, cultures and educational backgrounds. It makes a person weak in his own selfish desires and strong for the sake of a loved one. While it is true that a brokenhearted person will tend to curse love itself, but nothing has the ability to bring healing but love as well. Love can cover pain, no matter how deep the scars it has brought to someone. Love is still the most powerful thing ever passed to mankind.

Love, even in its simplest definition, is awesome, amazing. It is no respecter of person. It does not care whether you're just breaking free from youthful innocence or recovering from a painful heartache. It will knock on the door of your heart in no particular time, and when it does, I tell you, it will make your world turn upside down. Principles will crumble, priorities will change,and before you know it, you're already a new person with a new perspective.
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