To the one God has prepared for me

To the one God has prepared for me,
Hi! Actually, It feels awkward writing a letter to someone I don’t know yet (or should I know you already, I have no idea who you are). I am now 21 27 years old and if you only know how often I wonder how our lives will meet and how our love story will begin. In my dreams I always try to figure out your personality, your likes and interests, and what makes you frown so I will see to it that I’ll be careful someday not to break your heart. God is my witness how I desire to give you a name, not just refer to you as “my God’s will” or “the one God has prepared for me”. But until the Director of our lives begin to call us both in the center stage, I will be content with the privilege of knowing that He is in intricately weaving our lives together.

You are one of my most precious gifts, along with my salvation. Given the chance, I am eager to meet you now. But God knows that I am not yet ready for that wonderful event. Instead, He teaches me to trust in Him that He is in control, and He knows what He’s doing. Singleness is a gift — an incomparable gift given to both of us so we will have a wonderful time to spend with the Lover of our soul before He reveals us to each other. And when that time comes, I am sure we are more than just prepared and confident to grow old together.
I’m thrilled with the idea of spending time with you and building a God-centered family we can call our own. I can’t help but imagine you as my future wife and mother of my children teaching us what matters most in life. I always look forward to joyous moments that we will share together someday, and how our family will be joyfully and heart-fully serving the One who saved us. How I long for a godly and happy family: you and me as guide for our precious children, and God as the firm foundation. I’m sure that you will be a godly wife and mother (and that’s my prayer for you). But while waiting for that moment to happen, I thank God because I have the time to prepare to be a godly husband and father myself.
If you have the time reading this letter, I want you to know that I really love you and you are always included in my prayers. God is so good and generous that He will give me the wonderful privilege of knowing and having you someday, and when that day comes, I will be the happiest man on earth.
God bless and keep safe always.
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