Important Truths about Break-ups

Wala daw kasing forever ang sabi ng mga bitter. Si Andres Bonifacio at Apolinario Mabini nga napaghiwalay sa ten-peso coin, si James Yap nahiwalay sa Purefoods, marami na ring Kapuso stars ang lumipat sa Kapamilya, idagdag mo pa ang hiwalayang Brangelina... 

Pero kung ang sabi Bible ay "all things work together for our good", indeed the mess caused by our break-ups can turn itself to be a powerful message. I just want to share God's wonderful revelations about ending up a relationship after a meaningful and emotional talk with a friend...
1. Thank God because He doesn't want you to spend the rest of your marriage life with someone He knows who is not fit for you. You might not understand His standards and why does it have to happen, but trust Him that He knows what He's up to.
2. Breaking up with someone gives you a wonderful and guilt-free opportunity to know someone who is better, someone who understands, and someone who is more than willing to spend life with you no matter what kind of person you are.
3. A break-up is God's call for you to check your priorities <Tweet This!>. He would not cause a disagreement to grow so fierce that would eventually lead to break-up if He has no good and reasonable intention.
4. Break-up is a blessing in disguise. Isn't it liberating to let go of a relationship that is turning to be too compromising and frustrating? It spares you from lots of future heartaches and prepares you for a satisfying and God-pleasing relationship you wouldn't have if you keep on holding onto something He wants you to let go.
5. Break-up doesn't mean that God doesn't want you to be happy and He wants you to live life alone. Instead He wants the opposite. Your beautiful love story doesn't end in the break-up, rather it is just beginning! The break-up is not an end in itself but commences the real story of lasting joy and unimaginable relationship.
Don't be afraid to let go of a relationship if God tells you to do it. Yes, it is impossible to end a relationship without shedding tears but when you allow God to give you the courage to face the break-up, he is faithful to help you. He is not after your tears, He is after your happiness, and you can only have such if you allow Him to direct your love story.
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