Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable to someone is baring yourself without any pretensions. You’re just being true to the other party and to yourself as well. To be vulnerable is to allow other people to know you on a deeper level, laying down your guard and exposing your weaknesses.
Why is it important to be vulnerable?

A person with an issue of trust tends to be secretive and defensive. When people try to get into the detail of one’s personal life, it becomes a major concern. No one wants to divulge his inner recesses to someone he doesn’t trust enough, someone he doesn’t know fully.
Yet relationships require a vulnerability. Both parties has to be vulnerable to each other so their weaknesses and strengths shall complement. If one party refuses to be transparent, he is robbing the other person the chance to prove love and extend support. Only by being vulnerable will there be appreciation to acts of genuine concern.
A relationship void of vulnerability is a relationship lacking in concern <Tweet This!>. One tries to hide his needs and true feelings, the other one tries to address those needs yet miserably fails to do so. Left unchecked, the relationship will suffer and true intentions will remain concealed.
When your partner poses an attitude of perfectionism, it is difficult to show vulnerability. It is threatening to display your weak side when you know you’ll just receive emotional lashes and condemnation. But when there is acceptance, when there is an environment of ‘no condemnation’, being vulnerable in front of your partner becomes liberating and makes us feel like more human.
Admit it. In a relationship, not all the time you are at your highest peak. Not all the time you can weather all storms that comes your way. During these time, your partner is the best person to lean on. It’s ok to be vulnerable to your partner. It’s ok to not be ok.
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