Taking Risks

 “If you do not plunge into the water, how will you learn how to swim?” – Doraemon to Nobita
When we’re still young, carefree and vulnerable, our elders often remind us to take good care of ourselves, be careful of our actions and to avoid risky situations. To us then, risk is tantamount to failure and defeat.

But after numerous tripping and knee scars, we have learned the value of taking risks. As we grow older, we become wiser, acknowledging that risks are open doors of opportunities for us to learn more. We develop our very own risk appetite – others risk-averse, while others are risk takers.

One thing to take note is that people of significant success are those who faced great amount of risk and overcame. They have learned to accept that in order to reach the peak of the mountain, they have to traverse a steep trail. They knew that along the trail they may face dangers ahead: wild animals, erratic weather, uncomfortable conditions. Yet, they still opt to trudge the path. To them, the joy of reaching the summit of the mountain is worth the pain of facing the dangers of the trail. They find great satisfaction in that resolve. Their attitude alone makes them a winner in life.

Being risk-averse is comfortable and relaxing, but if you want to experience life in ways you have never experienced before, you need to break out of the mold and set yourself free.

Plunge into the water and start swimming.
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