Five Things Dogs Teach Us About Love

They say dogs are man’s best friend. Rightly so, because they are not just cute furry animals, they are also wonderful companions. If you are a dog lover, you know how awesome a dog’s love is. If you are not fond of dogs, you’re missing out a lot.

I have two dogs, a loving Aspin and a cute and energetic Japanese Spitz. I love it whenever they wag their tails as they welcome me home. I love it when they urge me to rub their belly or their head. But more than that, they are sure source of lesson about life and love.

1. Loyalty is everything

When it comes to loyalty, no doubt, dogs are at the top tier candidates. They don’t care about your economic status, your mood swings and your failures. They will stay with you no matter what! If only they live as long as humans. Nevertheless, their whole life is about loyalty and unconditional love! We sure can learn a lot from them. Dogs will stay with you no matter what.

2. Waiting could be fun

We humans are not fond of waiting. It bores us, it reveals our impatience. But for the dogs, waiting is often a part of their daily life. Perhaps for a dog, what could be more fun than to expect for your owner to come home and meet you after a long day (of sleeping, playing, or doing silly things – remember A Life of Pets)? Waiting could be fun if you are so fond of the person you are waiting for. And no matter how long a dog waits, when his owner comes home – it’s as if nothing happened. Love is indeed patient.

3. Stretch it out

One thing I am fascinated about my dogs, especially the Spitz one, is that whenever I call her, she stretches out first. I am no dog expert but I think it’s her way of releasing stress. Afterwards, she begins to wag her tail. Unlike me, at times when stress gets the best of me, I sulk and complain, making others comfortable. Perhaps we can learn a thing here: when things seem bad, stretch out first. Release tension. Smile! A lot of things can be done with a positive attitude.

4. Express how you’re feeling

I believe that dogs are excellent communicators, it’s just that sometimes we cannot understand them. They bark with different intensities, sometimes growl with authority and sometimes they bark softly. Bottom line is they know how to communicate with their humans! My Aspin rubs her head to me when she wants to feel loved, and the Spitz lies down on the floor for me to rub her belly. They want to get their message straight! If they can communicate themselves well, we can do it better. Don’t make things complicated for others – get your message across!

5. Guard what’s important to you

Dogs are always on the alert. They are also territorial. They know it when threats (and treats!) are around. They bark towards a stranger as if telling them – “I’m in charge here. If you want anything from my human, you must go through me first!” Dogs can be counted on when it comes to guarding the things and people that are important. When it comes to humans, let us also guard the things that are important to us. Don’t allow the little things to ruin what you want to last forever. 
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